Products - Stone/Soils/Mulches

We offer a variety of stone:
  • Pea Gravel-  ½”                                                        
 Round stone used for accenting perimeters of gardens and lawn areas. For use around patios, decks, gardens, play areas, pathways, dog runs, around pools and ponds. Use as filler material  in between stepping stones on walkways.

  • River Rock-  1”-2” and 3”- 5”
 Use in dry creek beds, water features, base of a pondless waterfall, garden covers, veneering walls and fireplaces, borders, edging, accents, and general drainage.

  • Clear Stone - ¼” and ¾” 

  • Traffic Bond – 5/8” and 7/8” 

  • Screenings- used for bases under patio stones, flagstone, interlocking pavers, or retaining walls.

  • High Performance Bedding (HPB)-    This a tiny clear stone chip that is used in place of screenings. It is used underneath patio slabs and interlock. It does not require compaction, which is a huge advantage because there is no need to rent equipment.
Shredded Topsoil- Processed through a 1/2" screen for uniformity, easy to move by rake or shovel.  Used for along sidewalks and driveways as well as lawn leveling and final grade. 

Premium Topsoil- Blend of 50% topsoil and 50% manure that is shredded and screened to make a lighter, workable soil.  Garden Mix retains moisture longer, adds organic nutrients to aid in seed germination.  With minimal compaction, this blend promotes vigorous root development by allowing oxygen and nutrients to reach the root systems.
Triple Mix- A mixture of the following; black loam, peat moss and manure. This soil is great for flower and vegetable gardens and ideal for new garden beds or topdressing your existing beds. This soil should not be used straight with evergreen trees as it is too rich for them. It however can be mixed with topsoil.

Mulch is one of the best ways to protect your soil and garden from excessive moisture loss, weed infestation, and dry roots. Organic mulch also decomposes over the season providing valuable nutrients to your plant base.
We carry dyed mulch in the following colours:

                                                             Brown                                                              Black


All of the above are sold from 1 tonne to 40 tonne dump truck loads.
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